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Why Choose Christian Education?

Crown Point Christian School’s unwavering mission is to shape young minds and hearts to see the glory of Christ in all things. Committed to academic excellence, we train children to understand the world around them and recognize that every part belongs to God. We mentor, encourage and inspire intellectual curiosity so that they might honor God with their minds and grow in lives of service. Since 1985, an active network of parents, administrators, teachers, students, friends and family have formed the fabric of the community that underpins the vision and direction of Crown Point Christian School. Today, the school serves nearly 740 students at its vibrant and growing campus in St. John, Indiana


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CPCS Academics

General Education

Education at CPCS is Christ-centered and focuses on developing the whole child’s gifts and abilities.

Dual Language Immersion

Crown Point Christian School offers Dual Language Immersion for Kindergarten through sixth grade.


Crown Point Christian School is excited to include a class completely dedicated to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Humanities and Mathematics).

Student Services

At Crown Point Christian School, we celebrate that God has created all of our students with unique abilities.


CPCS has taken the mantle in preparing our students for an ever-changing world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the opportunities offered for spiritual development in middle school?
  • Prayer groups
  • SALT team (Student Accountability Leadership Team)
  • Student-led devotions
  • Worship nights throughout the year
  • 8th grade spiritual retreat
  • Mentor opportunities
What is Parents’ Club?

Parents’ Club was formed to help fund and manage many of the special needs within the school. We raise funds throughout the year by hosting three main fundraisers. This year we are doing a discount card fundraiser, a Fannie May Fundraiser, and a Spring Fundraiser. We are still deliberating on the product for the Spring Fundraiser. Parents’ Club uses the funds raised by these fundraisers to host Donuts for Dudes, Career Day, and Grandparents’ Day. We also purchase lunch/gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, all staffs’ birthday and Christmas gifts, and anything else that may come along where we are needed throughout the year. We then take the remainder of our funds and make special purchases related to school needs. (I.e. playground equipment, tablets, cameras, piano, tables, smart boards, etc.)

What sports are offered at CPCS?
  • Fall Sports: co-ed soccer; co-ed cross country; 7th & 8th grade girls volleyball
  • Winter Sports: cheerleading; 6th, 7th, & 8th grade boys and girls basketball
  • Spring Sports: 7th & 8th grade boys volleyball; track and field
  • Sports open to all middle school grade levels: soccer; cross country; track and field
How can I save on tuition?
    • There are currently two ways families can save on tuition: 1) Scrip and 2) the Indiana Choice voucher program. See below for more details.
    • Scrip: Scrip is a tuition reduction program at Crown Point Christian School. Scrip gift cards or certificates are ordered online or from the order sheet (provided from the Finance Manager, Mrs. Schaap) at face value. The school purchases these gift cards at a discount (amount of discount for each retailer is noted online or on the order form). The difference between what you pay and what the school pays is the profit. We split the profit: 3⁄4 of it is credited to your tuition account and the remaining 1⁄4 goes to the school to pay the expenses of running this program, along with a small amount of profit. Tuition accounts are credited 3 times per year, at which time it will show on your tuition statement as a credit. More information can be accessed online at
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